The boy and I

The boy and I

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lexi's First Halloween

Lexi came to work with me for our Halloween party.  She sure was cute all dressed up in her pumkin costume.  Steve coined the name Punky Munkin for her, so we thought it only appropriate to dress her as a punkin for Halloween.  They only had sizes for a 12 - 18 month old, so it was a little big for her.  Grandma gave her her first fitting and sized it down a bit for her.  She was very cute.

We headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Halloween night.  I think Lexi was a little confused and angry about sitting on Santa's lap for what she though was Halloween.  She was a little angry as you can see.

Then she calmed down and posed with her drunk look.

This one is my favorite.  She looks like a decoration that belongs on the table.  It's our little Punky Munkin!

Babies are fun.  It's like dressing up your dolls, but for real!

Fun With Lexi!

It’s been so fun playing with our little bundle of joy.  She’s such a cutie!  I just love all of her funny little quirks.  When she was in the hospital, all of the nurses called her baby tongue tricks because she was always busy sticking her tongue out.  We have tagged her as Lexi Lizard.  I love that I have a little two week old baby that smiles and laughs.  It is the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen. 

We discovered that she loves her bath, but what she loves even more are hand massages.  If she is crying and you start giving her a hand massage, she can’t help but stop and get a goofy look of enjoyment on her face.  It’s funny.  We also are thoroughly entertained watching her get her drunk eyes as she starts to fall asleep.  Her little eyes start to go cross eyed and then they roll back into her head.  It makes it hard to put her to sleep because I usually start shaking from laughing so hard, and it wakes her up as I’m trying to rock her to sleep.

Princess Lexi


Sleeping Lexi
  Speaking of sleep, it didn’t take us long after we brought her home from the hospital to realize that she hates having her hands all trapped and swaddled up in her blankets.  Every night she would wake up crying and grunting, frustrated that she couldn’t get her arms free.  We discovered that she likes to sleep with her arms above her head showing off her muscles.  She’s my little muscle girl, which makes sense because when I was pregnant with her, I used to swear that her arms were in my hips.  I could feel something moving around in there.  Now I know I wasn’t crazy and that she really did have her arms up and in my hips.  It’s so funny how babies have their preferences and personalities from before they are even born.
Little Miss Muscles

Lexi Going Home!

After 9 months of waiting, we finally got to take our little princess home!  I definitely underestimated how small she would be, and the outfit I brought her was way too big, so we had to dress the poor girl twice.  It was a good thing Grandma brought some cute newborn jammies so Lexi could go home in style.  She was such a good little girl getting ready to go home.  I wish she was always that good in the car.  Unfortunately that was more like a one time thing.

Chillin’ at the Hospital

I decided that I love chillin’ at the hospital.  It was so fun just to be with my baby all day and have nothing else to do.  I could order food whenever I wanted (that was super good, by the way).  We had the occasional visitors, and spent the rest of our time watching Disney movies.  What better way to spend time with my new little toy.  I have a feeling Lexi will love The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, just like her mom did.

It was fun to have the Acerson girls stop by and visit, and Grandma and Helen just couldn’t help but smile at the prospect of becoming GREAT!


10-11-10 – Alexa’s Birthday!

So, you hear stories all the time about how having a baby is incredibly painful and the hardest thing ever, well, I must be one lucky girl because I didn’t feel a thing, and the whole thing was super fast.  After we decided Lexi was ready to come, it was a whopping 14 minutes before I had her in my arms.  It was so neat, and there is nothing that can describe the joy that fills you when you have your little baby put in your arms for the first time.  What a neat experience, and a piece of cake too.  I don’t believe I even broke a sweat.  We’ll hope that all of my kids are as nice to me as Lexi was.  I guess she was just excited to come play with her mom (and her dad too).

And It Begins

I'm Ready

Grandma is Patiently Waiting
This is HOT!
Waiting For His Grandauagher

Sippin' My Juice Through Contractions


She Arrived!  Only 14 Minutes!

Hello Grandpa
Hello Grandma!

Daddy's First Time Holding is Baby Girl

She was about to Flip Off The Camera After That Entrance!


Proud Grandpa!

Tired Grandma

A New Addition To The Family

Nitro Circus

Chris works for APX and hooked us up with some freakin' sweet tickets to the company's Nitro Circus Party.  It was awesome!  The riders parachuted in from an airplane and then did crazy stunts on their motorcycles.  I had anxiety through a lot of it thinking that these guys were seriously going to injur themselves.  It was crazy.  Check out some of the video and pictures from the event.  I felt bad for poor little Lexi in my stomach.  The music was so loud I was afraid she was going to go deaf before she was even born.

Check out those bikes way up there!  That is terrifying.